Lean Belt for IT Certification – 600 Eur*

Lean Belt for IT Certification offered by Lean Six Sigma International Association of Professionals

Description of Lean Belt for IT LSSIAP Certification

The proposed course, followed by a Lean for IT international certification exam, uses a great deal of knowledge of Lean principles, which have a strong tint of customization though application in the field of information technology.

Although the traditional application of Lean principles in production systems is well known within organizations, the IT companies or organizations that have a strong IT division, uses Lean specific concepts only to a minimal extent.

The lessons learned and acquired practices during the successfully implemented projects, can be applied with notable results in the IT industry. Applying the principles of Lean in IT for process improvement, the streamline of development activities, maintenance and support for applications and information systems must be constantly aligned with the business strategy having as main actor the customer and the growing needs of the customer. Lean IT concept is about applying Lean thinking in IT companies or divisions. The specific lean tools can be used in organizations, both for reducing the cycle of IT application and solution development, and for the improvement of performances in service delivery, in terms of keeping existing human resources.

We offer a 3-day interactive training followed by an international certification exam, in order to familiarize participants with all the necessary methods and tools for the organizational transformation in IT.

At the end of Lean for IT training and certification exam, the participants will be able to apply the presented principles in their organizations, provide training, direction, and analysis to all levels of the organization, and also advise on other opportunities for product and process improvement.

This training is ideal and it is addressed to the IT managers (top & middle), but also to the other categories of professionals who want to get familiarized with the Lean for IT specific approaches, so that they can acquire the skills needed to conduct generic and specific processes, according to the principles of continuous improvement , waste reduction, optimizing processes, etc.


After participating in this program you will acquire skills to apply the Lean for IT principles.

The specific curriculum of Lean for IT principles application includes topics of interest among which are worth mentioning:
– Lean IT and Business process improvement
– Lean Software development
– Lean IT in the operational and support area
Lean for IT organizational transformation
– Methodological framework for the successful implementation of Lean IT transformation.

Course level and Certification: Lean Belt for IT
Course lenght: 3 days training + 3 hours international certification exam

Who can participate in the Lean for IT training followed by certification exam: IT specialists and managers who will lead organizational transformation projects using Lean IT methodology

Certification exam:Lean Belt for IT” exam consists in 50 multiple-choices questions.  In order to pass the Lean for IT exam you need to provide at least 70% correct answers.

Lean Belt for IT sessions held in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj :  


Lean Belt IT  Training and International Certification LSSIAP  in Bucharest:14-16.11.2017

Bucharest: Lean Belt for IT  Training and International Certification LSSIAP  : 26 – 28.02.2018

Bucharest: Lean Belt for IT  Training and International Certification LSSIAP  : 25 – 27.04.2018

Bucharest: Lean Belt for IT  Training and International Certification LSSIAP  : 12 – 14.09.2018

Bucharest: Lean Belt for IT  Training and International Certification LSSIAP  : 07 – 09.11.2018


The price of 600 Euro/ participant for Lean Belt for IT certification include:

  • Materials for training in Lean Belt for IT 
  • Tests for the preparation of Lean Belt for IT certification exam
  • Lunch and coffee breaks during the Lean Belt for IT certification course
  • The examination costs of Lean Belt for IT certification exam
  • The cost of issuing a Lean Belt for IT  certification diploma

* For individuals, the price represents the total cost – VAT not applicable

For companies, the price showed plus VAT


Informations and registration:

Alexandra Niculae, Training Director ENVISO