Continuity, Resilience, and Service Management Certifications

Information Technology Service Management, Business Continuity and Supply Chain Security Certifications will demonstrate your dedication and proficiency in effectively implementing and managing these processes and frameworks.

Refer to the related schemes below for additional information:

ISO/IEC 20000

Prove that you know how to effectively implement, manage, and maintain an IT Service Management System by obtaining an ISO/IEC 20000 Certification.

Learn more about ISO/IEC 20000 Certifications and their benefits:


ISO 22301

Gain the expertise on how to continue operating efficiently with a reasonably short period even if serious incidents or disasters affect your business.

ISO 22301 Certification is the proof that you’ll assist your business survival in any condition.

Learn more about PECB ISO 22301 Certifications and their benefits:


ISO 28000

Certify your skills, stand out to employers/clients and maximize your earning potential.

Simplify trade and expedite the transport of goods across borders and ensure your product safety by reducing risks with ISO 28000 certification.

Learn more about PECB ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Certifications:


Disaster Recovery

Get certified to PECB’s ISO 24762 and help your business deal with the unexpected, safeguard its reputation and assist it in brand, and value-creating activities.

Gain the expertise on how to build resilience into your business information and communication technology infrastructure.

Learn more about PECB Disaster Recovery Certifications and their benefits:



Holding a PECB Certification on Outsourcing will enhance your professional portfolio and differentiate you from the market.

Learn more about PECB Outsourcing Certifications and their benefits:


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