Lean Executive Certification – 250 Eur*

Lean Executive Certification – 250 Eur*

Description of Lean Executive LSSIAP Certification: Course lenght, Certification exam, Body of Certification, Curriculum.

We offer a 1 day interactive training session of Lean Executive with the focus on highlighting Lean concepts and tools as well as the importance of making a change at the organizational level.

At the end of this training, the participants will acknowledge that in order to achive success at organizational level, the entire company must engage in the transformation by applying Lean principles.

Course level: Lean executive

Course lenght: 1 day training + 2 hours international exam

The exam consists in 20 multiple choice questions. In order to pass the exam you need to provide at least 70% correct answers.


The price of 250 Euro/ participant for Lean Executive certification include:

  • Materials for training in Lean Executive
  • Tests for the preparation of Lean Executive certification exam
  • Lunch and coffee breaks during the Lean Executive certification course
  • The examination costs of Lean Executive certification exam
  • The cost of issuing a Lean Executive certification diploma

* For individuals, the price represents the total cost – VAT not applicable

For companies, the price showed plus VAT

Informations and registration:

Alexandra Niculae, Training Director ENVISO