Robotic Process Automation

We propose an end-to-end framework (DSBD) based on four main phases:

•    Process discovery and qualification
In this phase, together with organization representatives, we create the process map of the company, choose process candidates for automation using software robots. This endeavour aims to identify appropriate processes that can be automated, establishing process performance indicators and a reference base for their actual and future measurements.

•    Standardization
For the process candidates, we perform a standardization using specific lean techniques and measure the performance of the process.

•    Build software robots
Once the process variation is reduced within acceptable limits, we will start to develop software robot’s artefacts using a technology platform that offers tools and techniques to perform the realize the construction of the software robots. The development is iterative until the final artefacts are built, tested and validated by the organization representatives.

•    Deployment
In the final phase, the artefacts are implemented in the production environment. The automated process performance is evaluated over a pre-established period time to calculate the business value of the performed automation.